Benefits of Buying Bulk Extension Springs

Benefits of Buying Bulk Extension Springs

Benefits of Buying Bulk Extension Springs

Bulk Extension Springs

The purchase of a large quantity of springs at a lower, wholesale price.

One very important factor to keep in mind when determining whether your order of extension springs is in bulk or not, is the size. For example, if you buy 1 extension spring with part number PE135-1000-6704-MW-2500-CO-N-IN they would cost you around $28.680 a piece. On the other hand if you buy 250 extension springs it would cost you around $3.100 a piece, and the more you buy the more you save. 1000 extension springs with part number PE135-1000-6704-MW-2500-CO-N-IN would cost you $1.700 a piece; that's a 94% saving. The price per piece for bulk extension springs will always be lower than the retail price. This is what makes it a much better option for big projects because it will save you money and save you from long lead times. Bulk stock extension springs are a much better option than a custom spring.

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Shipping Options for Bulk Extension Springs

We offer several options, when it comes to shipping your bulk extension springs. One of the most common shipping options selected by our clients is layered springs. In this option the springs are placed side by side on a sheet to form a layer and then a second sheet is placed on top of them to form another layer of springs and so on until the order quantity is completed. There are also other packaging options available for your bulk extension springs based on your needs and the spring size/quantity. Special packing options are offered at an additional price to save you time by preventing the springs from tangling. Since we know it can be a hassle to untangle your springs and sometimes it can even damage some of your springs. If you need special packaging or additional protection, we can work with you to find the most viable solution. Don`t hesitate and get your bulk spring order in today. Contact us to learn more about our packaging options, bulk orders, and other special pricing.

TSS Shipping Options Bulk Extension Springs

Buy Your Extension Springs Wholesale Online

Find the ideal extension spring for your product or application using our stock spring search engine, Spring Finder. Stock extension or pull springs are sold at a lower price when a larger quantity is ordered. These springs are kept on the shelf ready for delivery thus avoiding long lead times. We have Over 40,000 Spring Designs in Stock and ready to be shipped to you.