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Definition: Spring Company dedicated to the manufacturing of coil springs of different types and sizes.

At The Spring Store we pride ourselves in offering the best and most reliable coil springs at incredible prices. We are among the few coil spring manufacturers that carry stock springs. Since finding the right stock spring is a main concern among our customers, we have created the most advanced online tools to help you obtain the springs you need. Our large stock and inventory allow us to provide ready made spring of all types and sizes. When you need stock springs our SPRING FINDER is the most convent go-to tool.

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Coil Spring Finder Tool

This tool allows you to input the dimension ranges that you want your spring to have so you can find the right one. In order to provide our customers with a large variety and a higher chance of finding what you want, we have thousands of stock springs in our catalog. Our compression, extension, torsion, and cone springs catalog are all provided here. Going through each catalog can be time consuming and confusing so we made it easy for you by dividing the spring finder tool into four different categories based on the type of spring. All you have to do is select the type of spring you need, input the information of what you are looking, and a list of springs that match your criteria will be displayed. You may decide which dimensions you want to use for your search: physical dimensions (such as outer diameter or free length) and/or force and elasticity specifications. Material types are also provided in case you're looking for a spring that'll fit a specific environment.

Among our other tools you will also find the following:

  • Spring Creator
  • Instant Spring Quote

The online shopping and design tools provided for you are described in more detail.

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Spring Creator - Coil Spring Calculator

Our spring calculator has made it easier for coil springs manufacturers to fabricate the springs because of its live blueprint and full spring analysis. The spring analysis provides a complete guide of specific information regarding your spring design. It not only provides your spring's dimensions, force, and elasticity but it also tells you how much the spring weighs and how much 1,000 of these springs weigh together. This helps coil spring manufacturers to know how much material will be needed in order to complete the amount of springs you ordered. The calculator's full spring analysis also gives us the commercial tolerances on each dimension as well as your working loads (if you entered them) so that we can make sure that you'll be able to meet them.

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Instant Coil Spring Quote

Our instant spring quote is embedded into our spring calculator, Spring Creator. This means that, as you're generating the design, you will also get custom coil spring manufacturing prices in 14 different quantities. The determined quantities are the minimum of 25 pieces, then 50 pieces, 100 pieces, 250 pieces, 500 pieces, 750 pieces, 1000 pieces, 2500 pieces, 5000 pieces, 7500 pieces,10000 pieces, 15000 pieces, 20000 pieces, and the last quantity of 25000 pieces. We can definitely manufacture very high quantity orders (over 25,000) but that would be a custom quote. You can request it through our spring calculator, over the phone, or via email at You can compare the price difference between using regular music wire or stainless steel.

We manufacture our coil springs using CNC coiler machines and heat them in specialized ovens. Our springs are manufactured under standard commercial tolerances. Click here to visit our Standard Tolerances page and get an idea of the manufacturing tolerances that fit your spring design.

No matter what kind of spring you are looking for at The Spring Store we can help you find it. Whether you need a stock part or your requirements demand a more customized specialty spring we have the tools and staff to help you obtain what you want. CALL US NOW at (951) 276-2777