Custom Wire Springs

Definition: Springs made of round wire; custom wound to meet specific dimensions in diameter, length, pitch, and coil count.

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Custom Wire Springs

You might be interested in custom wire springs when you're not able to find a stock wire spring suitable for your design. In another scenario. you might be past the prototyping stages of your product and are ready to order larger production quantities. That is when it is most convenient to buy custom wire springs although there are other reasons as well which vary depending on the spring type.

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Custom Wire Compression Springs

In the case of a compression spring, you might have a very complex design that has dual pitch, different diameters within its coils, certain bends on the ends, or different end types. The examples of these custom modifications on a spring are shown to the right.

custom wire compression springs

Custom Wire Extension Springs

For extension springs, it is depending on the hook types and coil diameters. The same way that compression springs may have different diameters within its coils, extensions springs may have them too. They can also have different hook types on each end or a certain hook length which doesn't allow it to be a stock hook as shown in the example to the right.

custom wire extension springs

Custom Wire Torsion Springs

Torsion springs also have a couple of custom variations. There might be some bends on the legs or pitch in between its coils for it to both compress and torque. The custom wire spring may also be necessary when you aren't able to find a spring in stock which both matches your torque and meets your free position.

custom wire torsion springs