Extension Springs Assortment

Definition: Stock extension springs which are assorted thus providing customers with a variety of spring designs with an assortment of spring dimensions and specifications.

Springs are highly underestimated. When designing a spring powered mechanism, people usually leave the springs for last assuming any spring will work as long as it fits but there is so much more to spring design than most would think. When two springs are compared and one has the tiniest difference such as an extra coil or the wire thickness is 0.001” larger or smaller, you have a completely new design with completely new force and travel capacities.

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extension springs assortment

This is why, at The Spring Store, we've provided our customers with an extensive extension spring assortment. You might find 50 or 100 springs with the same outer diameter but the rest of the dimensions, such as wire diameter and length inside hooks, will be completely different. These dimensions are taken from standard sizes such as those found on drill size charts. There are over 4,000 extension springs in stock all in several different standard sizes.

Search and find the ideal extension spring by using our Extension Spring Finder tool. The way Spring Finder is used is by entering the maximum and minimum tolerances of the dimension or dimensions you're interested in using. Two input boxes and a scroll bar are provided for you to enter your dimension ranges. You may also select to do this search in either the metric or english system of measurement and select to search by a specific material type.

We have a minimum order limit of $89 USD which is an amazing deal since you're able to buy an assortment of extension springs along with stock compression, torsion, and conical springs in order to meet the minimum. If you were to try to do that with custom springs, you would have to pay a much higher minimum for each one of the designs. For this reason, when buying small quantities of springs or an assortment of springs, the best option is to go for stock springs. This also applies when buying replacement springs or prototypes.

extension springs assortment finder