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What makes a spring a heavy duty spring? Heavy duty springs must have a sturdy structure in order for it to withstand more demanding conditions. Heavy duty springs are those which undergo heavy loads and rough environments. They are usually large, hefty springs used by several industries in big machinery.

Heavy duty springs, are mostly used in dies but they are not limited to this application. You can find heavy duty springs in farm equipment, construction equipment, clutches, aircrafts, brakes, etc.

There are also rectangular wire springs (Die Springs) that are considered heavy duty springs. However, these are much more expensive (over twice the price of a round wire compression spring) and complicated to work with. For these reasons at The Spring Store we do not manufacture or carry stock die springs. However, we do work with and have several heavy duty springs in stock ready for you to purchase and use in tough and rough environments.

heavy duty compression spring with hefty wire

heavy duty extension spring with hefty wire

heavy duty torsion spring with hefty wire

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Heavy duty springs can go through several processes to help provide more cyclic-life expectancy.

These processes include:

  • Shot-peening
  • Plating and coating options
  • Pre-set to avoid length loss in operations
  • Closed and ground ends to provide stability

Keep in mind that these processes are additional to the manufacturing of your spring so you do have to specifically request them and some may have an extra cost.

Shot peening will help your spring have more life while ground ends will allow it to stand up straight on a flat surface. Plating options are useful if your spring will be functioning around harsh environments. The plating options are sometimes used as a spring safety procedure but they can also serve other functions, such as for visual enhancement. Plating can also provide a decorative function because it can improve the appearance of the spring. Since we provide different plating options and tones you can change the color of your spring and make your device more appealing in cases where the spring is visible.

Some of the plating options offered are:

  • Zinc
  • Black Oxide
  • Gold Irridite
  • Powder Coating
  • Color Coding
  • & Many More

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Contact our qualified engineers to buy, create or improve a current heavy duty compression spring design. We also carry and work with heavy duty extension and heavy duty torsion springs. Having trouble finding the ideal heavy duty spring in our catalog? No problem! Our sales department is at your disposal to determine whether your spring is in stock or connect you with an engineer that can assist in designing a specialized custom spring for you. Reach out to us now at: (951) 276-2777