Instant Spring Quote New Version Coming Soon!

Our Instant Spring Quote (ISQ) tool instantly provides our customers with a quote at different quantities after only entering some of your spring’s physical dimensions.

This incredible tool has been on our site since we launched and has been an incredible help to all our customers that cannot find a stock spring that works. It will save you time and money, because you no longer need to figure out whether a stock spring may work or not, and try to test with a bunch of possible solutions. Now, you can get exactly what you want, with the dimensions and material type you need in a matter of a couple clicks. Buying custom-made springs has never been easier! Therefore, because our nifty ISQ tool is such a great resource, we decided to invest in enhancing and improving it to better meet our customer’s needs.

Our new ISQ tool will have the following.

TOP 5 Enhanced Features:

  • 1. Seamlessly review tolerances and look at your spring specs.

  • Our current version of ISQ allows you to input dimensions and buy springs online, but it does not provide an overview of the custom spring in detail before checking out. The new version of ISQ will provide all the information you need, including specs and tolerances of the custom spring you are ordering.

  • 2. View a live 3D blueprint of your spring.

  • Not only will you be able to review the tolerances and specs, you will also be provided with a 3D view of the spring you are ordering. This allows you to verify that what you are buying looks just right.

spring blueprint and tolerances

  • 3. Send the quote to yourself or a coworker and have the option to customize it with your information.

  • We understand that sometimes the engineer may need a specific spring, but the purchasing agent is the one completing the transaction. In order to assist and facilitate the process, we have made it easy for you to send the quote and customize it with your name and other necessary fields for your records.

  • 4. Send the 3D blueprint AND CAD model to yourself or a colleague

  • Along with the quote, you can also send 3D blueprints in PDF, as well as the 3D CAD model. We are working to provide the highest level of technology to ensure that you can receive the files you need in one easy click and in the format type you want.

send spring quote

5. Quick and easy checkout.

We are simplifying the checkout by shortening the process. All you have to do now is review you spring design and tolerances, select the quantities you want and check-out in a simple one-page process.

new isq checkout

We plan to launch this new edition of Instant Spring Quote (ISQ) tool before mid October and look forward to hearing your feedback. In the meantime please continue to use our current ISQ version and please let us know if you have any doubts or questions. Suggestions are welcome and can be provided by email or phone (951) 276-2777. You can also call us to speak directly with a representative to assist you in completing your custom spring order over the phone.