Large Torsion Springs

Definition: Torsion springs which are made using large wire diameters thus making the remaining dimensions large as well.

Large torsion springs are also called heavy duty torsion springs. Their large wire diameter and other dimensions allow for these springs to be able to carry heavy loads. Even if the spring isn't too tight or too stressed, its large dimensions will allow for you to apply a heavy torque on it. If you're not able to achieve your torque with one large torsion spring, you may also have several springs working together in the same application as it is done for trailer ramp springs.

Get your large heavy duty torsion springs at The Spring Store! We have a wide variety of torsion spring designs in several torsion spring sizes from small torsion springs to these large torsion springs; all in one torsion spring catalog. The large torsion springs you may come across might have wire diameters ranging from 0.105" to 0.178" although you may request a Instant Spring Quote on a custom torsion spring using our spring calculator. The material types offered for stock torsion springs are Music Wire ASTM A228, Hard Drawn ASTM A227, Stainless Steel 302 A313, and Stainless Steel 17-7 A313. For Specialty wires, you may also request a Instant Spring Quote.

To get your large torsion springs, you may use our Torsion Spring Finder tool. Spring Finder allows you to enter various dimensions or non at all to look at our full online catalog. You're able to input the tolerances you have on a certain dimension and it will automatically search for stock large torsion springs within that size range. This way, you'll be able to find exactly what you need because the search will be narrowed down to meet your expectations and the remaining stock torsion springs that don't meet the tolerances, will no longer be provided.