Stock Music Wire Torsion Springs


Definition: Coiled music wire springs manufactured and placed in stock to be bought and used to produce a torsional/rotational force in certain devices such as lift gates or trailer ramps.

Stock torsional springs are very peculiar for their function since they are the only type of wire spring which isn't exerting a linear force but a radial one. These wire torsion springs' coils are torqued in order to produce and release energy. They are made of several material types; one of them being Music Wire ASTM A228.

Music Wire Torsion Springs

stock music wire torsion springs

Music wire is made from various components. These include Carbon (C) and Manganese (Mn). It is able to withstand up to 250º Fahrenheit which converts to 121º Celsius. It has a higher tensile strength than stainless steel for it is a harder material type. Music wire torsion springs are to be used in neutral environments without corrosion and with a room temperature lower than the previously stated maximum temperature. In case you may need them to resist some corrosion, there is the option of having them plated. Take a look at our Properties of Common Spring Materials page for more information on Music Wire as well as other wire types.

Spring Finder is a tool to find your stock music wire torsion springs. It is an advanced and easy-to-use search tool which is used to find stock torsion springs based on its physical dimensions as well as its force and elasticity. Spring Finder will ask you to enter the most common spring dimensions at first; such as wind direction, outer diameter, inner diameter, total coils, and rate. To select Music Wire, you must click on the option that says "Search More Fields" where you will be provided with more inputs as well the opportunity to choose a material type. The additional inputs are torque, deflection (degrees of travel), body length, leg lengths, wire diameter, and material type. The material types provided besides Music Wire ASTM A228 are Hard Drawn ASTM A227, Stainless Steel 302 A313, Stainless Steel 17-7 A313, Oil Tempered MB A229, Chrome Silicon A401, Beryllium Copper B197, and Phosphor Bronze Grade A B159. Selecting the option "Music Wire - MW" will search for stock music wire torsion springs only. Since it is the most common material type, you will get more results of stock music wire torsion springs than stock torsion springs made from other material types so you will need to input one of the other dimensions in order to narrow down your search. Generate a music wire torsion spring design using our spring calculation software.

Spring Creator is an online spring calculation software which works for three different spring types, wire compression springs, wire extension springs, and wire torsion springs. Our torsion spring calculator allows you to generate a music wire torsion spring design. Several spring calculation formulas make part of Spring Creator's software so the only values you are required to enter are its physical dimensions. If you don't know how to measure your torsion spring or how to identify the dimensions required, you may take a look at the "How to Measure Torsion Springs" diagram provided in step one where you choose your torsional spring's direction of wind. Our spring calculator includes all of the material types included in our Spring Finder stock wire torsion spring search tool as well as some more extravagant spring wire types such as Stainless Steel 316 A316 and Carbon Valve A230. The tensile strength of each wire diameter from each material types is different and each specific tensile strength is also taken into equation when Spring Creator calculates your torsion spring's torque and travel limits. This means that the results are highly accurate. The torsion spring calculator will provide you with stock music wire torsion spring suggestions as well as a music wire torsion spring instant quote in case the stock torsion springs suggested don't fully meet your requirements or perhaps you're interested in ordering large production quantities. Generate a live blueprint of your torsion spring design along with a full spring analysis and the Instant Spring Quote.