Off the Shelf Springs

Definition - Springs which are pre-made and in-stock ready for sale. The term "off the shelf" means you don't have to wait on long manufacturing lead times.

At The Spring Store we focus on our customer's need to get their springs fast! This is why ordering off the shelf springs is so beneficial. When you need to replace a spring in a personal device or mechanism you need it quick.

When ordering off the shelf springsyou have the advantage of obtaining your springs rapidly. This is benificial for testing or prototyping or only if you need a couple springs or perhaps you just need to replace an old spring. Here you will find springs which are close to your springs dimensions due to the over 24,000 different spring designs available off the shelf in our catalog. From off the shelf compression springs to off the shelf extension springs, off the shelf torsion springs, and off the shelf conical tapered springs. And the best part: They're more economical!

Here, you will be able to find replacement springs for several devices of your everyday use. For example:

  • Testing / Prototypes
  • Trampoline Springs
  • Springs for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Projects
  • Springs for Reclining chairs
  • Screen Door Springs
  • Springs for Entry Gates
  • Lawn Mower Springs
  • And any spring you need around the house!

Use our off the shelf compression, extension, torsion, and conical spring finderto make a quick search for off the shelf spring designs which are the most similar to your spring. You will find various options with wide ranges in dimensions like spring rate, maximum load, maximum travel, inner diameter, outer diameter, free length, wire diameter, and material types.

off-the-shelf springs

Our part number system for off the shelf compression, extension,torsion, and conical springs is made up of the spring's dimensions. For example:

If you have a helical compression spring with a 0.500" outer diameter, 0.050" wire diameter, 1.130" free length, 8 coils, with closed ends, is made up of music wire, and is zinc plated the part number would be the following.


As you can see, the first set of digits represents your compression spring's wire diameter. The second set of digits represents the outer diameter. The third represents total coils. The next set represents the material type. The last set of digits represents the free length. Then comes the type of ends, whether it is plated or not, and last but not least, the unit of measurement of the specified dimensions.