Prototype Springs - Samples for Testing


Definition: Springs which are purchased in small sample quantities for the testing of a prototype device.

As spring manufacturers, at The Spring Store we know how expensive it can be to try to purchase custom prototype springs in small sample quantities. This is why we’ve created The Spring Store; an online store made to purchase springs off the shelf for time and cost effectiveness. We provide both retail and wholesale prices for small and large quantities and you don’t have to wait weeks for your springs to be manufactured, they already are!

Stock prototype spring samples for testing are probably not gonna be exact to your design but we’ve got over 24,000 springs in stock so you are likely to find similar springs that will work. We provide you with many tools so that you can choose the right spring when making your purchase. Our stock spring search engine comes in four versions. These versions are Compression Spring Finder, Extension Spring Finder, Torsion Spring Finder, and Conical Spring Finder. Each Spring Finder will ask you to enter different dimensions where you are able to input the search tolerances from minimum to maximum.

prototype extension springs for sample testing

For example; the Compression Spring Finder’s basic search includes outer diameter, free length, and rate. If your spring’s outer diameter must be in between the dimensions of 1/8” (0.125 inch) to 1/4” (0.250 inch) you may input those dimensions into the minimum and maximum fields. None of these dimension inputs are mandatory so if you click on “Search” without inputting any spring dimensions, you will simply be directed to our full compression spring catalog. You may also click on “Search More Fields” where you can pick one or more dimensions to input. These dimensions include load, deflection (distance traveled), total coils, solid height, inner diameter, wire diameter, and material type. At the beginning of the Compression Spring Finder you have the option of inputting these dimensions in either the english or metric units of measurement. This option is also available on the Extension Spring Finder and the Torsion Spring Finder. You can also use our spring calculator to optimize your original design.

prototype torsion springs for sample testing

Spring Creator, our spring calculator, is an easy to use spring calculator program. It includes three calculators; Compression Spring Creator, Extension Spring Creator, and Torsion Spring Creator. With our calculator you are able to calculate all spring specifications from spring rate to the weight of your spring and you are only required to enter up to five of your spring’s physical dimensions like wire diameter, outer diameter, number of coils, length, and material type.