Pull Springs Manufacturers


Definition: pull springs are also known as extension springs since their body is meant to be pulled/extended by a force.

Pull springs are most commonly known as extension or tension springs. These springs are close wound coil springs with hooks on the ends. Initial tension is the force that keeps these coils together. The hooks on a pull spring allow it to hold on or latch on to something while being pulled apart by a force.

As manufacturers, our goal is to provide you with the best quality pull springs in the industry. We are amongst the best pull spring manufacturers due to many reasons. For one, we have simplified the process to make it easy and quick for our clients to get the springs they need. On top of that, we also deliver the best quality products in a timely manner. The tools on our website make it easy for anyone to design, quote, or find their pull springs amongst our extensive pull spring catalog.

To create a pull spring Design…

Spring Creator

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To design the ideal pull spring, use Spring Creator, our free spring calculation software. Spring Creator is the most advanced pull spring calculator in the industry. Other calculators ask you to enter values like rate and/or material properties along with physical parameters. Our calculator only requires you to enter a few of your spring’s physical dimensions and it calculates the rest for you. Try it now!

To buy Custom pull springs…

Instant Spring Quote

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Do you have a pull spring design ready for manufacturing? Get instant pricing on our Instant Spring Quote tool that allows you to buy custom springs as if you were buying retail! No more waiting on someone to respond your RFQ email. Now you can quote your springs yourself and have them made on the spot. Enter the same parameters you would on our Spring Creator tool and get unique pricing for your part at different lot quantities.

To buy Stock pull springs…

Spring Finder

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Looking to purchase small quantities for testing and prototyping? Now you can find your springs faster using our simple search engine tool, Spring Finder. It will search our extensive pull spring catalog and find pull spring designs with the tolerances you choose. Do a basic search with outer diameter, free length, and/or rate; or do an advanced search by selecting the option and entering more fields like wire diameter, load, and/or travel.

All our tools are designed to be easy to use and understand. However, we also know that some spring designs are a lot more complicated than others, that is why we not only provide you with tools but also with personal help. Our experienced engineers are more than glad to help you through the design or shopping process.

Valued at over $60 dollars an hour their expert help will get you started on the right track so you can find the stock spring you need. Contact us for help on a design or finding the stock spring that your project needs. Email us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.