Save Time and Money With Spring Finder

Book Catalogue of Springs VS. Online Spring Finder

Back in the days, spring companies would have these big, bulky catalogs with thousands of rows of spring parts in different sizes. The time and effort involved in finding the right spring was unbelievable. Now, with technology growing faster than ever, we decided to launch an awesome tool called Spring Finder.

stock spring catalog

It's Monday, 2pm in the afternoon, and Steve needs to buy springs for a prototype product, and have them by the end of the week. He knows that having a spring made is not cheap or as fast (custom springs take 3- 6 weeks to be made). So, he knows he needs to find a stock spring.

He scrambles through the drawers and desk of his office. Finally, he finds the catalog books and goes through them one by one, only to find out that the springs he needs are no longer in stock because the catalog is 3 years old. By now it's 5pm and the spring companies are closing so they can't give him other options until the next day when the person in charge is there.

On Wednesday morning, Jack was still on the phone with another spring company trying to figure out if they had another similar spring since the one he had ordered on Tuesday would take another week to arrive. They gave him some of the options they had, but by now, he had spent hours that week trying to find a stock spring. He got tired of waiting and decided to do another search online.

Luckily, he found and ran into Spring Finder, the free tool he could use online to quickly search and find the springs that matched his needs. He no longer needed to carry big bulky catalogues or spend hours trying to go through page after page and figure out what spring he could buy. It could all be done within minutes and in just a few clicks.

online spring finder

Sally had a similar situation. It was 2pm on a Monday and she needed a few different springs for testing purposes within a small amount of time. She was provided with some of the dimensions required.

Instead of wasting time, Sally went online to and used the Spring Finder tool. She typed in the different dimension ranges, selected the closest matches, added them to the cart, and then checked out. She did all of this within an hour’s time.

A few minutes after Sally had placed the order, she got an order confirmation. Then, she called The Spring Store to have it shipped with a faster. By Thursday afternoon her springs had arrived. It was a piece of cake.

Be like Sally, and save time and money right away. Get your stock springs at or call us right now at: (951) 276-2777