Search for Compression Springs



How to search for a compression spring:

When searching for compression springs it is most important to determine what information you have about the spring or the application.  Most of our customers fall within the following 3 categories.

  1. You have an existing spring in hand and are looking to duplicate or replace the spring
  2. You have an existing spring, but are looking to modify this spring to fit better in your application
  3. You are starting a new project and are looking to find a stock compression spring for your new application. 
compression spring animation

First let’s make sure what you are looking for is classified in the industry as a compression spring.  Below you can see an example of how a compression spring will work and a blueprint showing the dimensions of a compression spring.

new blueprint compression spring

Now that we have determined you are doing a compression spring search and what type of customer you are, let us start our search.

Category 1

For all customers in category 1, replacing an existing spring, here is how search for a compression spring.

Step 1: Measure your compression spring here.

For most accurate measurements we recommend using a dial or digital caliper.

If you do not have a caliper to use we recommend using a tape measure or ruler. The main dimensions you want to measure for a basic compression spring search are outside diameter and free length. The measurements you will use to narrow down your search are wire diameter, number of coils, wire type and end type.

caliper measure compression spring

Step 2: Use the search compression spring finder tool above to begin your search

We recommend starting with a wide search and narrowing the results down. We would suggest starting with the outside diameter and free length of the spring. If your spring fits inside or over other components in your application please make sure to take that into consideration. Please also take into consideration the tolerances on your dimensions. Click here for more information on compression spring tolerances.

compression spring finder tool

Step 3: Please click on the link below to see a step by step example of narrowing down a compression spring search. Compression Spring Tension

basic and advanced spring search

Category 2

For all customers in category 2, modifying an existing spring, here is how you search for a compression spring.

how to measure compression spring

Step 1: You will still need to measure your existing spring using calipers or other measuring equipment.

input compression spring dimensions

Step 2: Enter here the dimensions of your compression spring into our Spring Creator Calculator.

The calculator will determine the “rate” of your existing spring.  From there you will need to manipulate the compression spring to increase or decrease the strength. Click here for a tutorial on how to manipulate the strength of your spring.

rate compression spring finder

Step 3: When you have determined the new rate range for your replacement compression spring enter the dimensions into the compression spring search tool. Click here for more information.

Category 3

For all customers in category 3, starting a new project, here is how you search for a compression spring.

Step 1: Determine the space, width and height, the spring will need to fit into. Use these search criteria to narrow down your search.

compression spring fit into

Step 2: If you know the force profile required in your application, use the “rate” search criteria to narrow down your search.  Please note, rate is the amount of force per inch of distance traveled. 

force compression spring rate

Step 3: If you are starting a new design we recommend choosing a few springs within your search criteria that fit in your application.  By choosing different springs with unique force profiles it will allow you to determine which spring works best for your application.  At this point you will be prototyping your application to determine which compression spring works best. 

shopping cart minimum amount

Step 4: Once you have received the spring options, test them in your application to determine the compression spring that best fits your needs. You can return to our stock store to purchase higher quantities of the compression spring or email us at [email protected] to let us know of any additional modifications you need.

compression spring application


For a more detailed description of finding a compression spring for a new project click here.