Stock Conical Spring Catalog

Definition: The electronic e-catalog of a spring company’s conical spring stock inventory; made for the spring company’s customers to have access to the stock conical spring designs available off the shelf.


Find the most extensive stock conical spring catalog at The Spring Store by Acxess Spring. Download the catalog in PDF format by clicking on the catalog cover provided and see approximately 400 stock conical spring designs at your disposal. Our website is very user-friendly and easy to browse for we have provided our customers with awesome tools that’ll help them search and find the ideal stock torsion spring. One of these tools is Spring Finder.



Spring Finder is our advanced search engine tool that’ll help you easily find your stock conical springs. There are various fields which you have an option to fill in for different cone spring measurements. These dimension inputs are entered in ranges depending on the maximum and minimum tolerances around the torsion spring specifications. Based on the tolerances you have on the spring, you can generate a search in which only springs within your requirements will show up. Therefore, you will be getting a much shorter list. This helps to narrow down a search through our stock conical spring catalog. You can choose to input one or more of the following dimensions: small outer diameter, large outer diameter, free length, rate, total coils, solid height, wire diameter, or material type. The diagram showing how you must measure the conical spring’s physical dimensions is provided to the right of the finder on a pc and to the bottom on mobile. Another awesome tool we provide you with is Spring Creator although the creation of the conical version of Spring Creator is still pending.



Spring Creator is an online compression, extension, and torsion spring design software also know as a spring calculator. It allows you to create a spring design but, while you do so, it also provides you with similar springs in stock. This is because the calculator generates a search through our spring catalog based on the spring dimensions you’ve used. The torsion spring parameters it does the search with are the physical dimensions as well as the spring rate so not only will you have a spring that fits but you will also be provided with spring designs which are similar in force. These features are what makes Spring Creator the best online spring calculator. It is user friendly and easy to use, giving you the opportunity to calculate the spring rate, loads, and elastic limits with only a few dimensions. It has the additional option to generate a live blueprint of your design. The live blueprint is basically a drawing of your spring made to scale. 




Once you’ve received the search results from the Spring Finder, you will notice that it is a rather short list compared to the quantities primarily mentioned in the beginning of this article. This is because we only provide you with springs that match your criteria. The list will provide you with conical spring measurements, force, and will tell you if the

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