Spring Calculator App for Android

A fast, powerful, fully functioning free spring calculator including blueprints.

Spring Creator Calculator

A fast, efficient, fully functioning free spring calculator, specifically developed for Android devices.

Visible on tablets and smartphones. visible on tablets and smartphones

Spring Types Supported within this application:

coil compression springstension extension springstorsional torsion springs

Easy to use format:

Enter 3-5 physical dimensions pertaining to your spring. This application will instantly provide you with all the necessary spring design information. Rate (aka spring constant), maximum load, and maximum travel are just a few examples of the generated results.

Inputs can be provided in either English or Metric dimensions, simplifying the process. Spring Creator offers 10 different wire types allowing you flexibilitywithin your design.

enter your spring's dimensions

As you design your spring, Spring Creator will search our extensive spring catalogue to determine if your spring is available for immediate purchase. We can also provide you with the closest spring in stock to aid in prototyping stages, saving you time and money.

Blueprint Generation:

Generate an exact replica of your spring in PDF format. Your blueprint is editable, allowing you to change part numbers, finish, tolerances and add notes specific to that design. Email blueprints directly to yourself, colleagues, and potential clients without leaving the Spring Creator App, increasing productivity and efficiency.

blueprint generation

The three most common spring types, compression, extension and torsion are all supported within this application. Built into the calculator are specific warnings indicating the manufacturability of your design. In addition to the flexibility provided by custom wire types, you can also manipulate certain characteristics unique to each specific spring type, giving you more control over your finished spring design. Specific loads or torques can be entered to determine if they are achievable within your design constraints.

spring calculator tool additional features

Compression: The compression module allows you to choose one of four end types in your design. Choose from open ends, closed and square ends, double closed ends and closed and ground ends.

Extension: The extension spring module allows you to manipulate the hooks that will be placed at the end of your spring. Choose to place machine hooks, cross-over center hooks, extended hooks or no hooks on your extension spring. The calculator will generate specific results for each hook type.

Torsion: The torsion spring module allows you to choose the direction of wind for your spring, either left hand or right hand. This module also allows you to determine the leg lengths on your spring and generates a rate both per degree and per 360 degrees. Unique to Spring Creator is our free position diagram. This shows you an exact diagrammatic image of the free position of your spring, allowing you to choose the correct number of coils.

Spring Creator App is a complete spring design program easily accessible from your phone or tablet. Sending the finished blueprint to your email allows you to work seamlessly between the office and the field.