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The Spring Store is a division of Acxess Spring that focuses on stock springs of every kind, from compression (including conical) to extension and torsion. We focus on empowering our customers with quality springs, clear information, and friendly customer service. Thanks to our production processes we are able to fulfill stock orders of small quantities as well as very high volume demands on any of our springs and everything in between. We offer high quality springs at the best prices, whether you want to buy just one or one million. Our lot pricing provides discounts based on quantities as well as assistance in selecting the ideal spring so you can be sure it meets your needs. Contact us today at: (951) 276-2777.

Small quantity orders.

Sometimes you just need to replace a few springs for your machines. Other times you are looking to test out two or three different springs for a new device. You may also be looking to create an invention that requires a spring or two and have no clue as to what might work so you need to try out a couple of stock springs to have a better idea of what kind spring you really need. We understand these and many other scenarios which is why although we have a minimum order amount there is no minimum order quantity, you can buy just one spring of 5 different kinds or 5 springs of one kind, it doesn’t matter. As long as you meet the minimum order amount of $69 USD, we can send you the springs you want.

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Average quantity orders.

Need a hundred or few hundred springs for production testing purposes? We also offer average quantity order discounts. So whether you want to start production in small quantities or just need to stock up you can take advantage of our great deals. As one of the top spring distributors and manufacturers, our discounts usually start at around the 100 pieces (for some springs, discounts start at 10 pieces.)

Very high volume orders.

Larger quantity orders ranging in the thousands can also be fulfilled at reasonable lead times and with very large discounts. High production amounts allow us to save time and money in set up allowing us to pass on these savings to you, all while providing you with the peace of mind that you are purchasing only the highest quality springs that exceed the industry standards.

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Find the Spring You Want, Buy the Amount You Need

No matter what amount you are looking to purchase, go find the spring you want right now! You can easily search through our catalog by simply inputing one or two fields into the Spring Finder tool. You can click on each of springs that match your search so you can view the discounts offered at different quantities. Buy your springs online now! Or call us at: (951) 276-2777.