Spring Force Calculator Online

Definition: Spring calculator software provided to be used online. This software is able to calculate the strength or force of a spring.

Use our advanced spring force calculator provided below to create and design compression, extension and torsional springs. Spring Creator, our spring calculator, provides you with a full spring analysis after entering the few spring dimensions required and clicking on calculate. Included in the spring calculations, you will find the maximum spring force and travel capacities along with a section where you may calculate working loads by inputting either the load you will be applying on the spring or the loaded height expected. The unknown value will automatically be calculated once you hit the tab key or click on calculate.

Spring force is the constant rate of force a linear spring exerts. As long as the spring doesn't have any custom modifications to the outer diameters or, in the case of a compression spring, varial pitch. Load is also referred to as force, the difference is how it is referenced. Whether they are referring to spring force or the force being applied. Below are two examples of spring force and force being applied. Each with a brief description and the formulas to calculate them.

Spring Force:

Spring force (also known as spring rate or spring constant) tell you how much load it will take for your linear spring to travel one unit of measurement; whether it is inches (english units), millimeters (metric units), or degrees (for torsion springs). It is used to calculate the working loads or torque in the case of a torsional spring. If you have a compression spring which should travel 0.75 inches under a load of 6 pounds, you must divide the load (F) of 6 pounds by the distance traveled (x) of 0.75 inches to calculate the spring rate (k) as shown in the formula and equations below.

Rate = Load ÷ Travel
k = F ÷ x
k = 6 ÷ 0.75
k = 8 pounds of force per inch (lbf/in)

spring force diagram

Applied Force:

Applied force is the load being placed on your spring in order for it to deflect. This measurement in our spring force calculator is measured using pounds (english units) or newtons (metric units). Doing the following spring force calculation will give you the applied force or load. If you have a coil spring that is required to travel 0.25" (inches) and has a spring rate of 6 pounds of force per inch (lbf/in), you must multiply the spring rate (k) of 6 lbf/in by the distance traveled (x) of 0.25"; the product will be the applied force required to meet your loaded height.

Load = Rate x Travel
F = kx
F = 6 x 0.25
F = 1.5 lbs.

force being applied