Spring Makers and Distributors

At The Spring Store we combine the best of both the custom spring making and stock spring distribution worlds. This allows us to provide our customers with the very best and highest quality metal springs, along with several other features. Find out more about how purchasing from direct manufacturers that have a stock division benefits you.

    How Purchasing from The Spring Store Benefits You

  • Large selection of stock springs. We manufacture all our springs through our custom spring division, Acxess Spring. This allows us to create and carry an incredibly large selection of stock springs. With over 25,000 different part numbers in stock, we can proudly say that most of our customers find a stock spring to match their needs in just a few clicks.Use our spring finder today.
  • Customizable adjustments. Some stock springs can be customized and purchased with additional customized features, such as plating and/or bends for an additional cost.

large selection of stock springs

  • Quality and Discount Pricing. As both manufacturers and distributors, we provide some of the most attractive pricing on higher lots of both stock and custom springs. We never sacrifice quality for pricing and, even on our lowest priced products, you can be sure you will obtain high performing springs of the best quality. Because we produce both custom and stock springs, we are able to constantly provide discounts, sales, and additional promotions.
  • Faster Lead Time. Buying from our stock spring assortment makes it easy to obtain your springs fast and without hassle. While custom springs have a lead times of 3 to 5 weeks, you can get stock springs within a week.

fast lead times

The best of both Worlds: Stock and Custom Springs

Should you require a spring that is not in stock, we can assist with your design and manufacture a custom spring for you. Our professional staff is committed to helping you obtain the right spring for your needs. Whether you need stock or custom springs, feel free to contact us today at (951) 276-2777 and find out which is the best option for you.