Springs for Medical Devices

Definition: Compression, extension, torsion, and conical coil springs used for several medical devices in the medical industry.

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At The Spring Store, we've worked with some of the major medical companies. We've taken part in the design of the springs that go inside their devices as well as the manufacturing of these springs. We take pride on many of the customer testimonials we've received from these companies. As a stock and custom spring producer, The Spring Store by Acxess Spring will help you find a stock spring which may work in your design and you may do testing with. Once you've tested the spring which will usually be made from Music Wire ASTM A228 or Stainless Steel 302 A313, we can provide you with a custom quote for larger production quantities using your desired material type.

The most popular spring material type used for medical devices is Stainless Steel 316 A316. Stainless Steel 316 is a very clean material type and is also 90% non-magnetic. You may find our stainless steel medical springs in auto-injector syringes or inhalers. These springs may also be required to be very small coil springs depending on the device they'll be installed into as well as where it will be installed inside the device. These small springs may also be referred to as micro springs. The smallest wire diameter we're able to manufacture a medical spring is of 0.006” (inch).

You may use our spring calculator to generate a spring design for your medical device. There are several material types included in our spring calculator. It will make the design phase of your medical project a lot easier since it will calculate the strength and elasticity of your spring. Once you're done with the design, you may generate a live blueprint or even request a Instant Spring Quote. We will receive your spring's blueprint along with the request for quote. Some springs for medical devices may also come with some custom characteristics like bends, variable pitch, or have a difference in outer diameter on certain sections like a tapered end. These characteristics are not available on our spring calculator but you may send us a drawing along with the specifications of the dimensions of your springs for medical devices to get your custom medical spring quoted.