Stock Compression Spring Catalog

Definition: Catalog in which the inventory of stock compression springs is publicized by a spring company. These compression springs are pre-manufactured and sold off-the-shelf.

The Spring Store by Acxess Spring provides you with a full online stock compression spring catalog which you are able to download in PDF format. The catalog includes over 40,000 different stock compression spring designs. The designs are based on standard sizes so that it is easier for any user to find what they need. We have many features in our online store which will help you find the ideal spring. One of these great features is our free online compression spring calculator, Spring Finder.

stock compression spring catalog

Spring Finder is a user-friendly compression spring search engine which allows you to search for stock compression springs in our catalog. The search is based on the measurements you decided to enter. You may choose one or more of these options: outer diameter, free length, rate, wire diameter, total coils, solid height, load, travel, and/or material type. You are able to adjust the range in tolerance from each dimension according to the tolerances of your device. One you’ve input your spring dimensions, our Spring Finder will direct you to a page where the search results will appear. The results are simply a much shorter list taken from our stock compression spring catalog based on the tolerances you entered.Another great feature used to find stock springs in our vast stock compression spring catalog is our advanced spring calculator, Spring Creator.

Stock compression spring catalog

Spring Creator, is a smart and powerful compression spring design tool. The spring calculation software behind Spring Creator gives you accurate results which you cannot get with any other calculator on the net without having to input many values. All that Spring Creator needs is your spring’s physical dimensions and material type. It is directly linked to the stock compression spring catalog in The Spring Store to find similar stock springs to match your design so that, not only are you able to design a compression spring, but you’re also able to shop for similar springs to use as samples.

In this short list derived from our stock compression spring catalog, you will see all of the compression spring’s physical dimensions as well as other important values. These include spring rate, suggested maximum load, suggested maximum travel, the type of ends, and the type of finish it is plated in (if it is plated). Amongst these spring specifications you are also provided with the retail unitary price of the spring, although we also have wholesale prices which you may see if you click on a specific part number.