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Stock Conical (Tapered) Springs Definition-

A cone shaped compression spring that has a tapered body with a large outer diameter at the base and a small outer diameter a the top. These stock conical (tapered) springs are made this way to provide stability when a regular compression spring buckles or bends. Stock conical (tapered) springs are also used to provide more travel. If the coils are correctly designed, the spring will have a telescope effect; making the spirals go one inside the other, thus having a minimal solid height.

The Spring Store by Acxess Spring offers over 350 different stock conical (tapered) springs which you may search through using ourOnline Stock Conical Spring Finder. To do a basic search through our tapered spring catalog, you will only need to know your conical spring's Small (and/or Large) Outer Diameter and Free Length. These measurements may be entered in the english or metric systems. In case that you are more familiar with your spring design, you may also do an advanced search where you are additionally able to input one or more of the following to narrow down your search:

  • Material Type
  • Wire Diameter
  • Total Coils
  • Solid Height
  • Rate

For information on how to measure your conical spring and how to distinguish certain tapered spring dimensions, please see the diagram below.

How to Measure Your Stock Conical Tapered Spring

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For testing and prototyping, purchasing stock conical springs is your best option. This is because running a small batch of several different tapered springs implies several manufacturing set-ups. Therefore, several set-up charges will be added to the quote. When buying stock conical springs at The Spring Store, you may buy small quantities of several conical springs without the additional manufacturing set up fee, making this a more economical way of purchasing your tapered springs.

In case that you may find several stock conical tapered springs that may work in your application but aren't sure which one will fit best, you may compare them by clicking on the "Add to Compare" button and these items will automatically be added to the "Compare Products" section at the bottom of your screen. Once these items are at the "Compare Products" section, simply click on the option and your tapered springs' information will come up side by side for you to get a clearer comparison.

We also offer several additional characteristics to our stock conical tapered springs which include the variations of material (or wire) types, end types, and various plating (or finish) options. Material types include Music Wire (Spring Steel), Stainless Steel 302, Hard Drawn, Oil Tempered, and Phosphor Bronze. The end types provided are Closed and Squared, Closed and Ground, and Open Ends. Plating or finish options are usually provided for Music Wire (Spring Steel) or Hard Drawn wire. These are Zinc Plating, Black Oxide, and Gold Iridite.

Different End Types for Stock Conical Springs

Closed and Ground

Closed and Squared

Open Ends

At the top of our stock tapered spring finder page you will find the option to look at our entire stock conical spring catalog through our site. There, you will also find the option to download the full stock conical springs catalogue in pdf format for your reference and perhaps a better view of what The Spring Store by Acxess Spring has to offer.