Stock Helical Springs

If you’re looking for helical springs that will compress, extend, or torque; you have come to the right place!

The Spring Store is the stock helical spring division of Acxess Spring. We manufacture several types of helical springs with a wide variety of material types. You can even request additional customization (such as plating). In our stock spring catalogs you will find different types of springs including compression, extension, torsional, and conical compression springs. Our team has created several tools that will assist in the process of designing and buying the right springs for your application.

The Spring Store helical spring catalogs

Helical springs get their name from the round shape of their coils and are sometimes wrongfully used as an alias for compression springs (which are open wound). However, it is important to note that the pitch in between the coils doesn’t determine whether a spring is helical or not. Which is why close wound springs (like extension and torsional springs) are also helical springs. This opens up the variation of helical spring types which we list below.

Helical Spring Types

types of helical springs

The purpose of Spring Finder is to help you find the springs you need in an easier and faster manner. To search through our stock spring catalogs, we have made four Spring Finder tools. Each one corresponds to a stock spring type. All you have to do is click on the type of spring you need to search that catalog instantly for the part that meets your requirement. The search will allow you to narrow down the results based on your spring’s tolerances. The basic search is regularly based on your spring’s diameter, length, and spring rate, since those are considered to be the most important dimensions. However, you can make an advanced search to narrow down your search even further.

Once you’ve entered your helical spring’s values into Spring Finder and clicked on “Search”, it will search our database and give you results within the parameters you selected. The chart includes the part number (which is a link to the product details), physical dimensions, elasticity limits (maximum safe travel and load), and spring rate. If you get too many results, you can still go back and make your tolerances tighter so you have a better view of springs that are closer to what you need.

stock helical spring finder

Try Spring Finder now! If you don’t have a design yet or need a more specific spring you may want to get a custom spring. You can generate a design on our spring calculator tool, Spring Creator. When you work on your design it will provide you with the spring specs and quote along with a match if there is a similar spring in stock.