Stock Small Extension Springs for Sale


Definition: Coiled extension springs which are small and miniature in size and are manufactured to be kept in stock and off the shelf. These springs are to be offered for sale to the public through a spring catalog or online store.

Extension springs are utilized in many everyday devices. Some of these devices are small in size so you would be surprised to find out that a small extension spring made of very thin wire is installed inside and is an essential part of the device's function. Stock small extension springs for sale are the answer when you happen to need a replacement spring for that device in case you might have lost it or perhaps it has worn out over time.

You can find a wide variation of stock small extension springs for sale at The Spring Store. Size variations for small extension springs are approximately 0.101" to 0.500" in outer diameter and 0.013" to 0.035" in wire diameter. Find thousands of these springs by searching through our extension spring catalog using our easy-to-use spring finder.

Purchasing small stock extension springs isn't only helpful when you require replacement springs though. They are also a very useful and economical option when you require prototypes for a new device or invention. If this is the case, you may also optimize your small extension spring design using our extension spring calculator, Spring Creator.

stock small extension springs

Spring Creator is a fast and powerful extension spring design tool that allows you to calculate a spring design using only some of your small extension spring's physical dimensions. It will calculate rate, load capacities, and travel capacities. As you work on your design, you will also be provided with suggestions coming from The Spring Store of similar stock small extension springs based on the physical dimensions of your design as well as the spring rate.

stock small extension springs for sale online

Download the Spring Creator app for android devices to be able to design your small extension spring on the go. Giving you the opportunity to propose a spring design to your associates without the need of a desktop computer or laptop. All the features previously mentioned are also functional on the Spring Creator app. From the design results, to being able to purchase these stock small extension springs for sale, to updating a blueprint and emailing it to yourself or an associate.