Stock Springs Quality Control

At The Spring Store, we know how much impact one small spring can make, that is why we place great importance in quality control. Our quality control process is a vital part of our overall manufacturing system and a key component of our stock spring distribution structure. We want to make sure each and every one of the stock springs we send out meet our customer's needs and satisfaction. The following explains the general steps of our quality control process.

Quality Control Process for Stock Springs

  • Our stock spring division is a direct distributor of our manufacturing division Acxess Spring and therefore our stock springs go through a rigorous quality control process as soon as they come off the machines. Once the springs are manufactured they are taken to the quality control department and are tested, labeled and sent to the corresponding storage section.
  • When a customer places an order for a part number or list of different spring part numbers each of those are taken to the quality control department from the warehouse. These springs are then ran through a second quality control check before they are sent to the packaging department.

Stock Spring Storage

  • In some cases the springs may require secondaries such as plating or bending of the hooks in the case of torsion or extension springs. When this is the case, the spring is instead sent over to get those secondaries completed.
  • Once the springs are sent back from secondaries the springs are rechecked to ensure that these are still in conformance with quality standards and have not been altered by the secondaries process.
  • Should there be any customer specified request such as a force test or rate test it is then completed to ensure that it meets our customer’s standards.
  • Lastly all physical specs get verified so that the order can get labeled packaged and shipped out.

quality control testing

Our stock springs are of the highest quality and always verified. However, should you require material certs or official CFCs it is necessary that you order custom springs at custom spring pricing since this is not available for stock springs. There are special cases where CFCs can be provided with prior request but for stock orders we are not able to send material certifications. Place your order online today or contact us to complete your purchase at:(951) 276-2777