Tension Springs Catalogue


Catalogue of tension springs which are in stock, off-the-shelf and ready to be sold to the public online.

The Spring Store provides you with our tension spring catalogue. Search our huge tension spring database by using our quick tension spring finder. You may input your tension spring's outer diameter and length inside hooks or click on the link provided at the top right corner of the finder which will direct you to the full tension spring catalog database. We offer over 4,000 tension spring designs in stock with lengths from 0.220" to 9.880".

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For every tension spring catalog search, you will get a list of several springs that are similar to your original tension spring design but vary in rate and initial tension. Initial tension is the tension already gathered in between your spring's coils in order to keep the tension spring's coils together. To calculate initial tension follow the example below:

The method used by the spring industry to determining initial tension is the following:

Extend the spring a specified distance to get space in-between the coils (L1). Extend the spring the same amont distance  (L2). Duplicate L1 and subtract L2 from the result therefore calculating your final initial tension.


IT = 2L1 - L2
  • IT = Initial Tension
  • L1 = Load 1
  • L2 = Load 2

If you have the following load measurements:

  • L1 = 10 lb. @ 0.5" Distance Traveled
  • L2 = 15 lb. @ 1.0" Distance Traveled


IT = 2L1 - L2
IT = 2(10) - 15
IT = 5 lbf.

initial tension example

The great advantage of buying stock tension springs from a tension spring catalogue is how much faster you can get your springs than if you were to order custom springs. We have a 1 to 3 days lead time which guarantees that your springs will be at your doorstep within a week or week and a half depending on the shipping method.

At The Spring Store, not only are you provided with various tension spring designs with different tension spring measurements, but our stock tension springs also have different hooks types as well as different material types and a lot of them are also plated to offer corrosion resistance. The material types include music wire (spring steel), stainless steel, hard drawn, oil tempered, beryllium copper, and phosphor bronze. Tension springs made out of music wire may be plated in zinc, black oxide, or gold irridite finishes.

Tension Spring Hook Types

Machine Hooks

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Side Hooks

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Cross Over Hooks

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Extended Hooks

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