The Spring Store New Customer Reviews 2019

The Spring Store is dedicated to serving our customers and helping them solve their metal spring needs. We are dedicated to assisting them in finding a stock spring that will match their requirements and in case we are unable to find a stock spring to meet all their necessities we are also able to create custom springs for them. We are proud of our service, tools, and products that are all designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

customer reviews 1

I am a first time customer with the Spring Store. The representatives were committed to providing quality customer service. The engineer helped me choose a stock spring that matched my needs perfectly. The engineering specs for any custom spring was generated instantly and very helpful to know when you are choosing springs for any application and need to get it right the first time. Navigating their website was quick and easy. Thank you again for solving my problem and exceeding my expectations! -Earl K

customer reviews 2

The spring store was the only place that had the spring that I needed to repair my stove door, and it was easy to find on the website using their search filters. Highly recommended. Customer service was also very helpful and kind. -Jared C

customer reviews 3

I sent them a pic of the broken spring, and they figured out what I needed. Fast and easy help for a complicated problem. I should be good for another 30 years. Thank You Spring Store -Richard H

customer reviews 4

The professionals at The Spring Store are a fantastic help. They have been great for any project we throw at them. Technical support is outstanding -Gary C

customer reviews 5

I needed a bunch of springs and wasn't positive of the load or length required. I called Sarah at The Spring Store and she sent me some free samples of the different sizes and rates pertinent to my application. The spring store is the only place I'll shop for my springs in the future. They are the friendliest most helpful people you could ask for.

-Tim Z

customer reviews 6

I work on medical equipment, frequently containing small hard to find springs. The Spring Store had a vast selection of springs and an intuitive website to navigate. I was able to find what I was looking for and I was able to replace a spring that wasn't even available from the manufacturer. -Randy J

customer reviews 7

Customer service worked well with us to help us get the springs we need. The springs were used for part of my Capstone Project and the easy to use website helped to get our project on track and push us toward creating a successful prototype. Thank you to the customer service crew here at The Spring Store.

-Tanner S

customer reviews 8

TSS is an excellent example of a supplier who goes further than the others in meeting the customer's needs. Margaret represented TSS excellently. My parts search was resolved. Adding them to my "go-to" list. -Russel W

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