The Spring Store Springs Into Service

This year has definitely been one of the most bizarre and unexpected years for many of us. Although there have been many obstacles and countless challenges, we have seen our team at The Spring Store rise up time and time again as we find ways to overcome our own challenges and also contribute to helping our customers with theirs. So we want to take the time to thank our customers and our team for all their efforts and hard work in this first half of the year that has been quite overwhelming in many aspects but has also been an enriching growth experience. We also want to share some ways we have been springing into action and if there is anything we can do to continue assisting you better please let us know.

In the past couple of months, we have continuously worked together to enhance our customer experience and provide as much support as possible to both the economy and their peace of mind. We have proudly and efficiently been able to continue with all operations without any disruptions and maintained all strict health and preventive guidelines without problems. We have greatly reduced pricing on our stock parts in order to make it easy and affordable for all our customers to continue purchasing the springs they need at incredibly low discounted rates.

We also added many more part numbers to our spring stock so that now you can surely find a spring that matches exactly what you need. Our new stock part numbers are also on our discount list so you can take advantage of their incredible discount pricing.

Through our online stock spring store, we also provided an additional discount to the most affected states including New York and New Jersey. We had such a great response that once we realized that this was actually a help to many, we continued to extend this to the top five affected states and many were able to take advantage of this additional offer.

discounted springs for affected states

This month, we have also decided to provide our customers with the option to acquire a free dust mask with their order using the coupon code: FREEMASK at checkout. If you decide to input this code when placing your order we will send out a free dust mask with your order. This is completely optional but accessible to you should you want it. Valid until supply lasts.

dust masks for customers

At we continue to find ways to support and stand by our community in the current pandemic. We would love to hear from you regarding any suggestions or problems that we can assist with amidst the current challenges. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us and share with us: (951) 276-2777