Torsion Springs Cost

This informational article will inform you on the following

  1. What a torsion spring's cost is based on
  2. Custom torsion springs cost VS. Stock torsion springs cost
  3. Where to buy springs

1.) Torsion Springs Cost is Based On...

A torsion spring's price or cost is based on the amount of material being used, the material type being used, the size of the spring, the manufacturing difficulty, and the additional labor if any. When it comes to stock springs, one may think that they're a bit pricy but one must consider the fact that these springs are pre-made and are waiting to be purchased off the shelf. Unlike, custom springs, you will not have to Get a Instant Spring Quote, then send a purchase order, and then wait weeks of lead time in order to get your springs. With stock springs, the price is there, the shopping cart is there, and you have them within a week of buying them. That is what makes buying stock torsion springs so great.

2.) Custom Torsion Spring Costs VS. Stock Torsion Spring Costs

At The Spring Store, we do not offer free samples. We have a minimum order limit of $89 which you are able to meet by buying several different designs if you choose to. This is quite convenient when it comes to testing and prototyping since you're able to test with different springs and therefore know what you're aiming for when it comes to ordering in larger production quantities. This is what stock springs are great for.

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stock torsion springs costs

Now when it comes to custom springs, you will get the exact spring dimensions you request considering the standard torsion spring tolerances. Custom springs are also very economical on high quantities. The pricing is based on the categories previously mentioned. If your spring has a tight index thus making it difficult to manufacture, the cost will be higher. If you have a large heavy duty spring the cost will also be higher. With material types, Music Wire ASTM A228 and Hard Drawn ASTM A227 are the most economical although you may also use Stainless Steel 302 A313, which is the most economical type of stainless steel, in case your torsion spring may need to resist high temperatures or a corrosive environment.

3.) Where to Buy Torsion Springs

After completing a design you're gonna want to buy the spring you need. If you're looking for prototypes or replacement springs, stock springs will be your best choice. Stock springs can be found here, at The Spring Store. If you're looking for a larger production run, you can have your springs custom-made at our Acxess Spring website. Both of these options, though, are provided to you through our online torsion spring calculator, Spring Creator. Where, as your designing your spring, you will also get suggestions of similar springs in stock along with a custom quote from the minimum quantity of 25 pieces to the maximum quantity of 25,000 pieces.