Torsional Springs Calculator


Spring calculator software used to calculate the force, physical dimensions, and tolerances of a torsional spring.

Our torsional spring calculator, Spring Creator, is used to calculate all the important torsion spring specifications such as spring rate, working loads and many more. Not only is it used to calculate your original design but you may start a new spring design basing yourself off of physical dimensions and adjusting these until you're able to meet your ideal load.

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Our torsional spring calculator is also linked to The Spring Store. This means that not only will you have the opportunity to optimize a spring design but you will be provided with a list of springs which are similar to the spring you designed. The calculator will generate a search through our inventory based on your spring's physical dimensions like outer diameter and total coils. You will be able to look at the inventory and order samples to see which spring design will work best. You may also do an advanced search yourself once you enter The Spring Store by entering outer diameter or inner diameter, total coils and one or more of the following:

  • Wire Diameter
  • Body Length
  • Leg Lengths
  • Desired Deflection (in degrees)
  • Rate
  • Torque

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Another great feature our torsional spring calculator provides the user with is the option to generate a live blueprint along with a full spring analysis. This blueprint is proportional to your spring's measurements so you know exactly what your spring will look like. The full spring analysis provides you with all the calculation results as well as the working torque if you input any.

Spring creator gets down to the most specific and difficult to calculate torsion spring formulas which would be the formula for rate, maximum load, and maximum deflection. The reason these formulas are so delicate is because each material type in a certain diameter will have a different tensile strength due to the manufacturing process the wire goes through. This makes the calculations of your torsional springs a time consuming activity. With our torsional spring creator, these calculations will be done in a matter of seconds by simply inputting your torsional spring's dimensions.

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