Torsional Springs Catalogue


Catalogue of torsional springs which are in-stock, off-the-shelf, and ready to be sold to the public online.

The Spring Store provides you with our torsional springs catalog PDF. Search our huge torsional springs database by using our quick torsional spring finder. You may input your torsional spring's outer or inner diameters and total coils or click on the link provided at the top right corner of the finder. This link will direct you to our full online torsional spring catalog database. We offer almost 1,000 different torsional spring designs in stock with outer diameters that range in sizes from 0.102" (2.59 mm) to 1.755" (44.577 mm).

torsional springs catalogue cover

For every torsional spring catalogue search, you will get a list of several springs that are similar to your original torsional spring design but may vary in rate per degree, torque, or safe maximum degrees of travel. Torsional springs travel in degrees instead of inches due to the fact that this is a rotational force. If you notice, depending on the amount of coils your torsional spring has, its legs will form different angles. The process of your spring's legs traveling a certain amount of degrees under a specific load is called torque. To calculate your torsional spring's rate by using your spring's torque, follow the example provided below:

The method used by the spring industry to determine rate per degree from torque is the following:

Take the load you applied on your spring and the distance it traveled under that load. Divide the load by the degrees of distance traveled. This calculation will give you your torsional spring's rate per degree.

k = F ÷ X
  • k = Rate per Degree
  • F = Load
  • X = Degrees of Travel
If you have the following torque specifications:
  • Load: 1 in-lb
  • Travel: 90º
k = F ÷ X
k = 1 ÷ 90
k = 0.01111 in-lbs/1º

To calculate rate per 360º of travel:

Multiply the rate per degree given above by 360.

k = 360y
  • k = Rate per 360º
  • y = Rate per Degree
k = 360y
k = 360 (0.01111)
k = 3.99999 in-lbs/360º
torsional spring rate diagram

The great advantage of buying stock torsional springs from a torsional spring catalogue is how much faster you can get your springs than if you were to order custom torsional springs. We have a 1 to 3 days lead time which guarantees that your torsional springs will be at your doorstep within a week or week and a half depending on the shipping method.

At The Spring Store, not only are you provided with various spring designs with different torsional spring measurements, but our stock torsional springs also have different material types and some may also be plated in zinc or gold irridite. The material types provided are music wire (spring steel), stainless steel, and hard drawn.