Torsion Spring Calculator Instructions

Spring Creator is an advanced spring calculator tool. This spring calculator will calculate the force and elasticity when it comes to torque, rate and degrees of deflection traveled. The following instructions will demonstrate how to use the Spring Creator tool as well as how its many features, like the availability of stock springs, will benefit your testing and prototyping phase.

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Step 1.) Choose Your Direction of Wind

You can choose either left hand or right hand wind. It is very important to choose the correct direction of wind because your torsional spring can only torque or travel in the direction it’s wound in because winding your spring in the opposite direction will distort your torsion spring.

torsional torsion spring calculator step one

Step 2.) Enter Your Spring Dimensions

This is where you actually input your torsion spring dimensions. The dimensions required are wire diameter, outer diameter or inner diameter, active coils, length of leg 1 and 2 and a material type. Once you have filled these in, you may click on “Calculate” and review the results for your torsional spring design. To calculate the number of active coils on your spring if your working from a sample or used spring measure the body length then divide that number by the wire diameter then - minus one to get the correct amount of active coils. Example your wire diameter is .030 and your body length measures .180 .180/.030 = 6 - 1 = 5 active coils.

Note on active coils: You may enter any amount of active coils you wish like 2.25 active coils or 10.500 active coils the result will be given on our “Review your free position” section above step 3. What this will show is the angular leg position of your springs legs which is very important. If you have a spring with 2.25 active coils your spring will have a 90 degree free position. If your spring has 10.50 active coils your spring will have a 180 degree free position.

The formula to determine free position is as follows: Take the number to the right of the decimal (of the active coil) and times it by the 360 degrees to determine your free position in degrees.

Example 1: 2.25 active coils: .25 * 360 = 90 degrees free position

90º free position

Example 2: 10.50 active coils: .500 * 360 = 180 degrees free position

180º free position

Material Types: Our coil torsion spring calculator also provides you with various types of material or wire types. Material types have different tensile strengths and some are specifically used for certain requirements such as environments with high temperatures or with a certain level of moisture. If your spring isn’t being placed in a harsh environment and you don’t need any special requirements, music wire is the best and most economical option.

torsional torsion spring calculator step two

Similar Stock Springs and Closest Stock Spring:

As you design your spring, Spring Creator will search our extensive spring catalogue to determine if your spring is available for immediate purchase. We can also provide you with the closest spring in stock to aid in prototyping stages, saving you time and money.

torsional torsion spring calculator similar stock springs

torsional torsion spring calculator closest stock spring

Step 3.) Review Your Answers

Here is where you see all your torsion spring design results. From the smallest detail, to the most important details like rate per degree, maximum torque possible, maximum safe travel. You will find it all using Spring Creator.

Rates and Torques: This is where you determine the strength of your spring. The torsion spring rate per degree will be highlighted in green since it is the “master” of your spring calculations. Rate per degree determines how much torque per degree you can obtain from your spring. On the section above Rates and Loads, you will notice that you are provided with your design’s closest spring in stock and the spring rate is also highlighted in green. This is why it is the closest spring in stock, because it is the spring with the most common spring dimensions including spring rate. Couple this number with Maximum safe travel (in degrees) and you will know the maximum torque possible. Example if your spring has a rate per degree of .100 inch-lbs/degree and your maximum safe travel is 90 degrees then your maximum torque possible is 9 inch-lbs.

Example: .100 inch-lbs/degree x 90 degrees of maximum safe travel = 9 inch lbs.

torsional torsion spring calculator rates and torques

Maximum Safe Travel: This section provides you with information regarding how much your torsion will be able travel (deflect) in degrees of distance. This is important because you can only go the maximum safe travel from your design and no further. If you induce more travel than the maximum safe travel the torsion spring will stress and fatigue and take a permanent set thus never returning to it’s original free position. Furthermore you will lose torque and possible breakage may occur.

torsional torsion spring calculator safe travel

Note: If you need more travel in degrees from your torsion spring add more coils and thicken your wire diameter or increase the outer diameter. Also please use “The Force Chart” in step 4 to assist you with obtaining more force or less force.

torsional torsion spring calculator step three

Step 4.) Warnings and Helpful Tips:

This is an automatic feature that appears when you click "Calculate" or enter a working torque (Step 5). It will give you warning messages and helpful tips to correct your spring design. Warnings and helpful tips include:

Warning: The torque in L2 is less that the torque in L1

Tip: Your L2 must be greater than your L1. The formula for torque is: rate per degree * degrees traveled = torque load (L1 or L2) . Then your distance traveled in degrees for L2 must be greater than L1.

Warning: Your torque exceeds the max torque possible

Tip: If you need to reach a torque that takes you beyond the max torque possible you need to change your input values. Here are some options: increase the number of coils, increase the outer diameter, or increase the wire diameter.

Warning: Your Index is too small (below 4) which makes it difficult to manufacture.

Tip: In order to increase your index, you will need to increase your outer diameter or decrease your wire diameter.

Warning: Your index is too large (above 15)

Tip: In order to decrease your index you will need to decrease your outer diameter or increase your wire diameter.

Warning: Your inputs have generated invalid or negative answers

Please adjust your inputs accordingly.

torsional torsion spring calculator step four

Step 5.) Enter Your Working Torque

Choose a torque that is within the limits of the minimum and maximum possible torques below. Once you choose a torque value or a degree of deflection (travel) the unknown value will be calculated for you when you hit tab or click on the calculate button. Additionally the calculator will tell you your springs inner diameter after deflection (travel) so you can determine the correct shaft or arbor size to place inside your springs inner diameter so the torsion spring can work safely over the shaft without binding on the shaft or arbor.

Note on Torque inputs: You must enter a torque value that is within the “Possible Torques” list that is below the torque inputs. If you enter a torque value that’s NOT possible ( or beyond the Maximum Torque Possible) the calculator will display a “Red Thumbs Down” telling you that you’ve gone further then the “Maximum Torque Possible” listed on step 3. If you enter a possible torque, the calculator will display a “Green Thumbs Up” Icon telling you the torque value is possible. Also if you enter a degree of deflection (travel) within the “Maximum Safe Travel “listed on step 3 and hit tab or calculate the calculator will display either a “Green Thumbs Up” if the degree of deflection (travel) is possible or a “Red Thumbs Down” if the degree of deflection (travel) is NOT possible. Please refer to your “Maximum Torque Possible” and “Maximum Safe Travel” listed on step 3 for these values represent what your spring can achieve in Torque and Deflection (travel). Going beyond these values is not recommended because your torsion spring will take a SET an NOT return to it’s original free position and you will lose torque on your spring or worse you will cause breakage. If you need more deflection (travel) add more coils, or make your outer diameter larger, and increase your wire diameter.

torsional torsion spring calculator step five

Step 6.) Blueprints and Design

Generate Blueprint:

Click this and you will get a real time blueprint of your exact spring design which is editable. You will have a complete spring blueprint ready for manufacture. The details you can add to this blueprint are: Part Name, Part Number, Drawing #, Drawn By, Revision#, Tolerances, Approved By, Finish (plating) and Manufacturing Notes. Once you’ve edited your blueprint click “Update Blueprint” and all the fields that you edited will be updated and reflected on your blueprint.

torsional torsion spring calculator generate blueprint

Get a Quick Quote of Your Spring Design:

This feature lets you quickly send us a quotation. The spring blueprint will automatically be attached to your request.

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Email Design & Blueprints:

Once your comfortable with your blueprint click on the “Email Design & Blueprints” and email the PDF blueprint directly to yourself, colleagues, and potential clients without leaving the Spring Creator App, increasing productivity and efficiency.

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Similar Springs In Stock:

This link shows you similar springs and the closest spring in stock to your design that is ready for purchase. As you design your spring, Spring Creator will search our extensive spring catalogue to determine if your spring is available for immediate purchase. This will aid you in the prototyping and testing stages, saving you time and money.

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We really appreciate you using “Spring Creator” we work to meet your spring design needs and to supply you with a complete and comprehensive spring calculator. If you need further assistance on designing your spring please give us a call @ 951-276-2777 we are here to help!


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