Using the Compression Spring Finder when Starting a New Project


When you are looking to begin a new project or prototyping a compression spring  you will need to think about how you want the compression spring to perform in your application and where you want the spring to fit.  Most likely you will not have exact measurements for this information but you will have ranges.  

Where to start?

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We encourage you to start with the outside diameter of your spring and the length of the spring.  


Enter OD, FL and rate range

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In a research and design project you will most likely have an idea of how big you want the spring.  

Use the outside diameter range and free length range as a based starting point. 

For this example we are searching for a spring that is approximately ¾ inch in diameter and 4 inches long.  

Our ranges are:

OD: 0.7 - 0.8 inch

Free Length: 3.5 - 4.5 inch

176 Results

Compression Spring Finders Large Search Results


For this example we got a very large number of results, 176 in total.  Let’s assume you do not have any other requirements or know the forces needed.  I would suggest narrowing down the original search results to find a compression spring.


Enter OD, FL and rate range

Compression Springs Search Tool Narrow

We are going to narrow down our results using the same parameter, OD and FL just with narrower search ranges.

Let’s reduce the OD range first.  Our ideal is ¾ inch so we will go from 0.745 - 0.755 inch.

28 Results

Compression Spring Finders Search Results


We have narrowed down our results to 28 options, still slightly outside of the “ideal range”.  From here we can narrow down the free length results. 


Enter OD, FL and rate range

Compression Spring Search Tool Narrow Reduced Free Lenght

We are going to narrow down our results using the same parameter, OD and FL just with narrower search ranges.

Let’s reduce the FL range down to 3.75-4 inch.

This gives us 4 total results

4 Results

Compression Spring Finder Search Results Reduced Free Lenght


We have narrowed down our results to 4 options.  If you look closely at these springs you will notice that they are two of the same springs, just with different end types.  If you know what end type you are looking for you can choose the two that best match.  If you do not have a preference you can order all 4 to test. 

What do I do if I narrowed my results too far?

Let’s imagine we would like more springs for prototyping than we got in the last search.  We can go back and expand our parameters to include more options.


Enter OD, FL and rate range

Compression Spring Search Tool Increase Free Lenght

We are going to widen our results by increasing the free length range.

Let’s increase the FL range up to 3.5-4 inch.

This gives us 17 total results to prototype from.

17 Results

Compression Springs Search Results Increase Free Lenght


If you would like to choose particular springs from the 17 results the following ways to narrow down your search may be beneficial.  Since you are not using a rate to narrow down the search, try choosing springs with different rate values to test performance differences in the application.

Searching compression springs online can be done effectively this way.


Ships Today

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Once you have a manageable amount of results you can choose springs based on priority.

Need the springs with the fastest delivery? Choose the springs that have the “Ships Today” logo to the right of the part number.

Ships Today Options

Compression Spring Results Ships Today

End Types

Compression Spring Ground Ends

Need ground ends on your spring? Narrow the results by choosing spring with the -CG- in the part number.  End types are also shown in the far right column.

Ground Ends Options

Compression Spring Results Ground Ends


Once you have found the springs that best fit your application you can add them to cart and order the springs directly online.


We make it fast and easy to order your springs directly from the table.  Simply click on the part number and add the desired quantity to your cart. 

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The check out process is fast and simple

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Receive the springs fast and test them in your application. Each spring is labeled with the part number you chose to help you narrow down the best spring for your application. 

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Order higher volumes of the ideal spring on our website for the best pricing and lead time.  We have thousands of springs ready to ship today at great prices. 

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Still Need More Help? We are here for you

If I do not have calipers to measure the space in your application or are having a hard time using the Spring Finder we are here to assist you.

We can also help you with your compression spring modifications by perfecting your compression spring design. 


We can do all the measurements and searching for you, simply mail in your application and we will use our tools to find a spring that performs in both fit and function.

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