Stock Music Wire Extension Springs

Definition: Stock extension wire springs with adjacent coils kept together by initial tension which manufactured using music wire.

Stock extension springs are made in different material types so these wire springs may be used in different environments but the most commonly used wire type is Music Wire ASTM A228. That is why you're able to find a great number of stock music wire extension springs at The Spring Store! Where we provide you with our extensive extension spring catalog as well as a few tools to make designing and finding the ideal stock music wire extension spring much easier.

Music Wire Extension Springs

stock music wire extension springs

Music Wire ASTM A228 is also known as spring steel and it is a high carbon spring wire. The components that make this material type include Carbon (C) and Manganese (Mn). The maximum temperature it is able to resist is of 250º Fahrenheit (121º Celsius) and it is not corrosive resistant so if you wish to use this material type in a moist or corrosive environment, you might want to have the springs go under plating. To learn more about the properties of Music Wire ASTM A228, visit our Properties of Common Spring Materials page.

The previously mentioned tool to find your stock music wire extension spring is Spring Finder. Our advanced and easy-to-use search tool which works as a search engine to find stock extension springs based on its physical dimensions as well as its force and elasticity. Spring Finder will ask you to enter the most common spring dimensions at first; such as outer diameter, length inside hooks, and springs rate. To select Music Wire, you must click on the option that says "Search More Fields" where you will be provided with more inputs as well as the opportunity to choose a material type. The additional inputs are load, deflection, initial tension, wire diameter, and a drop down list for the material types. The material types included are Music Wire ASTM A228, Hard Drawn ASTM A227, Stainless Steel 302 A313, Stainless Steel 17-7 A313, Oil Tempered MB A229, Chrome Silicon A401, Beryllium Copper B197, and Phosphor Bronze Grade A B159. Selecting the option "Music Wire - MW" will search for stock music wire extension springs only. Since it is the most popular material type, you will get more results of music wire extension springs than extension springs made from any other material so you might want to input one of the other dimensions in order to narrow down your search. Generate a music wire extension spring design using our spring calculation software.

Spring Creator is our free online spring calculator which serves to help customers generate a spring design. It will automatically calculate your spring's force and elasticity with the dimensions you provided as well as the material type you chose. Every material type has a different tensile strength and level of elasticity but at The Spring Store by Acxess Spring, we've generated such a spring calculator that these factors are automatically added into the extension spring calculation formula so the results are highly accurate. Besides giving you the results to various extension spring calculations, Spring Creator will give you stock extension spring suggestions of similar springs in our extension springs catalog. These suggestions are based on your music wire extension spring's physical dimensions and spring rate. In case you're not able to find what you need in stock or happen to be interested in ordering large production quantities, you are also provided with a custom music wire extension spring quote in several quantity lots. From our minimum order of 25 pieces, to 25,000 pieces; although, if you wish to order more than 25,000, you may contact us to get a Instant Spring Quote on that quantity.