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Welcome to our Technical Information resources page where you will find articles that'll help you with your spring design or help you get around The Spring Store website by explaining what we offer and how it works.

Our design articles will help you discover things like how to measure your spring, how to calculate spring rate, and how to calculate your working loads based on your spring rate. Other articles talk about the prodcuts we have to offer as well as the tools provided on this site to help you find your springs fast or generate a custom spring instant quote. Click on a link under a subject you're interested in to learn more about that subject.

Technical Information Design Articles

Extension Spring Tech

Extension springs are also known as tension springs. They are close wound linear springs because there is initial tension keeping the coils together as to be pulled apart. Learn about their dimensions and how they work.

Torsional Spring Tech

Torsional springs are also known as torsion springs. They are close wound rotational springs with legs on the ends because they deflect radially under torque. Learn about their dimensions, specifications, and how they work.

Conical Spring Tech

Conical springs are also known as tapered springs. They are non-linear compression springs for they are open wound but have variable coil diameters. Learn about their dimensions, specifications, and how they work.

Spring Rate

Spring rate is the proportional amount of force per one unit of distance traveled. This is what makes compression and extension springs linear. Learn about the formulas, calculations, and how spring rate works.

Spring Design

Spring design is very extensive since there are several subjects to learn about per spring type. Below you can find general design information for the three main spring types; such as formulas and explanations on how everything works.