Maximum Spring Compression

What is maximum spring compression?

All springs have a limit as to how far they can be compressed, extended or torqued. The maximum deflection is the measure of how far the spring can travel before it suffers damage. The maximum spring compression is the maximum deflection specifically of compression springs.

It can be easy to assume that a compression spring can be pressed down all the way until all the coils touch (solid height) but this not true for all compression springs.

Why is maximum spring compression important?

Some compression spring designs can be pressed down all the way to solid height. When a spring has just the right dimensions and elasticity, it can safely be compressed all the way. Other designs may be so stiff or sturdy that if you try to do this, they will break. There are also some designs that will allow you to physically compress them all the way but if you do this they will take a permanent set.

compression spring permanent set after exceeding maximum safe travel

What does it mean when a spring "takes a permanent set"?

When a spring takes a permanent set it means that it is no longer able to “spring back” to its original form. This causes it to lose its elasticity and could lead to malfunctions in the application. This is why it is so important that you are aware of the maximum spring compression of your specific design and that you respect it.

How to determine the maximum spring compression

There are formulas to help you determine the maximum compression of a spring but this can be quite long and complicated to work out, especially if this is an area where you aren't very experienced. Luckily, there is a simple and quick way to know what the maximum deflection (or maximum spring compression). All you need to do is use our spring calculator.

Visit the Spring Creator calculator in our website. Just input the dimensions of your spring and click “Calculate”. It will then provide an analysis of your spring. Under “Maximum Travel Considering Solid Height” is how many inches or millimeters your spring it can be compressed safely. If you go any further than this, it will become an issue and it could break or damage the spring.

You can use our spring creator calculator to obtain custom prices and a full analysis of your spring. The analysis provided from the calculator allows you to learn more about your spring limits, working loads, and any other information you may need to learn.

maximum spring compression calculator screenshot

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