Loaded Height vs. Distance Traveled

Learn to differentiate and use these values to design and buy springs online.

Loaded Height and Distance Traveled are two common terms when talking about compression springs. These terms are closely related but represent two different parts of the equation. That is why it is important to differentiate them and understand their relation.

Loaded height is the length of the spring once a certain load (or force) has been placed on it. The distance traveled on the other hand is how much the spring traveled to get to that loaded height. This means that if you have a spring that has a free length (the length of the spring without any load) of 1 inch and you place a load that causes it to be compressed down to a height of 0.75 inches, the distance traveled was 0.25 inches.

H = L – x
  • H = Loaded Height
  • L = Free Length
  • x = Distance Traveled
H = 1 – 0.25
H = 0.75

compression spring loaded height and distance traveled examples

These values are part of the spring measurements you might need in order to design a spring. They will also help you better comprehend the characteristics of a stock spring and whether or not it will work in your application. This is because, when buying a spring, it is very important that you know the working loads (load at loaded height or load at distance traveled) it must achieve.

Knowing your working loads allows you to calculate the spring rate (spring force) you require. Adjusting your spring’s physical dimensions (such as wire diameter, outer diameter, or total coils) will not only affect your spring’s force, but its elasticity as well. Keep in mind that the max. safe travel must allow you to meet your loaded height. If it doesn’t, you need to relief your spring through certain adjustments. The elasticity chart we have provided shows you what adjustments will help increase the maximum safe travel.

compression spring working loads examples

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