Compression Spring Price List

Due to the large amount of stock compression springs in our catalog, it would be incredibly difficult for you to find the right spring within such an extensive price list. This is why we have made things easier for you.

We provide compression spring pricing tools that facilitate your spring search process. Whether you are looking for a stock or custom spring, our tools make it easy and fast yo find what you need.

The tools at The Spring Store by Acxess Spring are easy to use and deliver quick, easy-to-read results. Among our most popular tools are: the Instant Spring Quote and Spring Finder.

Stock Compression Spring Prices

Looking to buy stock compression springs? At The Spring Store you have our extensive standard compression spring catalog at your disposal. You don´t have to worry though. Our catalog is huge but our stock spring search tool, Spring Finder, helps you find just what you need.

Spring Finder is a search engine which uses your spring’s physical dimension, as well as force and elasticity specifications, to find springs similar to your original design.

How to Use Spring Finder

First, you may perform a basic search where you can enter outer diameter, free length, and/or spring rate. All of these are optional.

Note: If you don’t enter anything, you’ll just be redirected to a results page with all of our stock compression springs.

If you want to search based on other dimensions or specifications, you can do an advanced search. Just click on “Search More Fields”. There, you can enter the travel, load, solid height, inner diameter, material type, and/or wire diameter that you require.

All of the values are entered in ranges so you can set your tolerances based on your needs and the spring application.

stock compression spring prices

*Stock compression spring pricing is cheaper in small quantity lots such as those for testing, prototyping, or replacing an old spring.

Custom Compression Spring Prices

Custom compression springs are made to order. This means that they’ll be manufactured using the design you provide and you have a higher chance of getting the tolerances you seek. Keep in mind that there are limitations as to what is manufacturable.

Sometimes, it will be necessary to buy custom compression springs because your application might require the L1 and L2 to be calculated on different spring rates. In this case you would customize your compression spring design to be non-linear with either dual pitch or variable diameters.

The diameter of your coil determines how tight the coil is paired with the wire diameter. The tighter the coil, the more stress and more force.

When it comes to pitch, the more pitch you have, the lower the elastic limit on your spring. Essentially, this means: more pitch, more force. If you have more coils, you get less pitch. Less pitch means your spring will be weaker and you will be able to compress it down more.

There are two ways to buy custom compression springs at The Spring Store. One way is through our Instant Spring Quote tool. The second is by requesting a Quick Quote. If your spring design is too complicated or includes the custom adjustments previously mentioned, you will need to contact us directly by requesting a Quick Quote. If you have a basic linear spring design, chances are, the system will be able to generate an instant quote automatically.

custom compression spring prices

*Custom compression springs are cheaper in large quantity lots such as those for the production stages of your product/project.

So don´t wait! Get started today and try out our tools. If you should have any further doubts or questions you can always contact us at: (951) 276 2777