Expansion Springs

Definition - Wire springs with hooks on the ends which already carry an amount of tension in between its coils in order to keep them together and be used to store more energy when pulled apart by a force.

Expansion springs are commonly known as extension springs. There are 4 basic hook types which you can use for your extension springs; machine hooks, side hooks, cross-over-center hooks, or extended hooks. All of these hooks are made directly from the expansion spring’s coils except for extended hooks. Extended hooks are formed off the machine as the spring is. You can also choose to put no hooks on the spring and use them to be installed into a hole where the threads for a screw have worn out or use bolts instead of hooks for more resistance.

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expansion spring hook types

At The Spring Store, you’re able to search through our immense stock expansion spring catalogue and find just the spring you need for your project. These springs are stock items so you will be able to avoid waiting on long lead times and simply wait the time it takes for the postal service to deliver it at your specified address.

Stock expansion springs are also great as prototypes when you’re in the testing phase of your project. Because they are sold at retail quantities and you’re only required to fulfill a minimum order limit of $69 versus paying over $300 for having them made custom, you can order several springs that you think will work in your application and see which one worked the best.

stock expansion springs

If you can’t find your spring in stock, you may contact us via email or fill out a Instant Spring Quote form with your spring’s dimensions to have us provide you with a quote on making them custom. Both custom and stock springs have their pros and cons. Stock springs may be economical and easy to get but they work best in small quantities and you might not always find exactly what you’re looking for. Custom expansion springs, on the other hand, are manufactured to the dimensions you give us and are much more economical in larger production quantities.

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