Large Extension Springs

Definition: Closed coil extension springs which are manufactured using large wire diameters thus making the helical springs big in size.

Large extension springs are also referred to as heavy duty extension springs. This is because since they are made with hefty wire diameter, the rest of the extension spring's dimensions have to be pretty large as well in proportion to the wire diameter selected. Spring index, for example, has a lot to do with the proportion of the wire diameter and outside diameter. The tighter it is, the stronger it is although it will be under more stress and it will be more difficult to manufacture. If you're looking to have a spring that'll have high elasticity, you want to make sure that the index isn't too tight.

Buy your large extension springs at The Spring Store. We have a wide variety of extension spring designs in our stock extension spring catalog which has wire diameters ranging from 0.007" to 0.375". You can find our wide inventory of stock extension spring designs within those wire ranges in our stock extension spring catalog. The material types used for large extension springs include Music Wire ASTM A228, Hard Drawn ASTM A227, Oil Tempered MB A229, and Stainless Steel 302 A313.

Using our online, user-friendly stock extension spring search tool, Spring Finder, you will be able to find your large extension springs fast. Spring Finder only asks that you enter a few of your large extension spring's dimensions. You may search by outer diameter, length inside hooks, wire diameter, initial tension, load, deflection, and material type. You do this search based on the tolerances of your large extension spring's design. For example, If your spring has a 2.5" outer diameter and is going inside a 3" hole, you may enter 2" in the minimum tolerance and 0.285" in the maximum tolerance. This will provide you with springs that have an outer diameter within those ranges.